How Does Weather Station Work?
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Wind vane/anenometer at top, console lowerleft, outdoor temperature/humidity sensor lower centre, raingauge[unmodified] lower right. The outdoor sensing instruments are mounted on the roof of a woolshed in Gladstone Rd. There are three outdoor sensors, all shown above, a temperature/humidity sensor, a wind vane/anenometer and a rain gauge which has been modified to record in 0.1mm steps instead of the more usual 1.00mm steps. The data from these sensors is transmitted down special cables to a console unit[also shown above] mounted inside the woolshed. The console unit also senses indoor temperature/humidity and barometric pressure. All the data generated is sent every minute via a serial cable to a computer[which is turned on all the time] where a special weather software program called Weather Display generates the web pages which you see. Every 15 minutes, 24 hours every day fresh data is uploaded to the website via a modem. The whole process is automated except for continuing upgrades to the program which happen two or three times a month. Data is sent over the internet to Weather Wunderground, Hamweather. and APRS all these sites are based in the USA and we are all part of the worldwide research by NOAA in the USA in trying to determine what drives the whole world's weather.